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Question: 130
You want to ensure that you are using compatible hardware and software versions with your MetroCluster installation. Which tool would accomplish this task?

A. Hardware Universe
B. System-Level Diagnostics tool (SLDIAG tool)
C. OneCollect
D. Interoperability Matrix Tool

Answer: D

Question: 131
Your disaster recovery strategy requires a mirror, an archive, and a tape backup. Which software would you recommend for this scenario?

A. OnCommand System Manager
B. OnCommand Workflow Automation
C. SnapProtect
D. OnCommand Unified Manager

Answer: C

Question: 132
You have deployed a 4-node fabric MetroCluster configuration for cross-site disaster-recovery protection. In this scenario, which two statements are correct for an automatic unplanned switchover (AUSO) operation?
(Choose two.)

A. AUSO is triggered in the event of a site-wide controller failure to provide nondisruptive operations.
B. AUSO is triggered in the event of a complete site-wide failure to provide nondisruptive operations.
C. AUSO is triggered in the event of a site-wide switch failure to provide nondisruptive operations.
D. AUSO is enabled by default on a MetroCluster cluster.

Answer: AD

Question: 133
A client is planning to configure a SnapMirror relationship between two sites. Normally their ISP provides network throughput of 100 Mbps; however, they can arrange to have this burst to 1 Gbps for a period of time at an additional cost.
Their intention is to back up 400 GB of Snapshot data each day using the burst option to keep the replication time to a minimum. In this scenario, how much burst time do they need to purchase?

A. 15 minutes
B. 30 minutes
C. 45 minutes
D. 60 minutes

Answer: B, D

Question: 134
What are two NetApp data protection solutions? (Choose two.)

A. RecoverPoint
B. SnapMirror
C. TimeFinder
D. SnapVault

Answer: D

Question: 135
Click the Exhibit button.

Commvault IntelliSnap and NetApp SnapCenter are both being used to back up the same Microsoft SQL Server database.
Referring to the exhibit, which action will SnapCenter perform on the Microsoft SQL transaction logs?

A. move
B. keep
C. delete
D. truncate

Answer: D

Question: 136
Your customer is concerned that his volume might run out of space. Which two volume command options would be used to resolve this problem?
(Choose two.)

A. snapshot autodelete
B. autosize
C. space-guarantee
D. filesystem-size-fixed

Answer: AB

Question: 137
You want to generate performance-related reports and alerts using the OnCommand Unified Manager 6.x server. Which two additional tasks must be completed to enable these features? (Choose two.)

A. Create a local user with limited Event Publisher role privileges
B. Install and configure OnCommand Workflow Automation.
C. Configure a connection between the Unified Manager server and OnCommand System Manager.
D. Configure a connection between the Unified Manager server and a Performance Manager server.

Answer: AD

Question: 138
You have a network outage that affects client access to site
A. You need to temporarily reverse the SnapMirror relationship of a volume to serve data from site B. Which two steps must you perform first?
(Choose two.)

A. Take the source volume offline.
B. Break the SnapMirror relationship.
C. Delete the SnapMirror relationship.
D. Abort the SnapMirror relationship.

Answer: AB

Question: 139
You are asked to provide a solution that will allow a client to copy the data stored in a FlexVol volume to a remote tape system for archiving. You are using a cluster-aware backup application to perform this task.
Which three actions are required when you configure this solution for your client? (Choose three.)

A. Configure NDMP at the SVM level.

B. Configure multiple LIFs for SVM-scoped NDMP.
C. Configure NDMP at the node level.
D. Create a backup user account on the cluster.
E. Configure a LIF for node-scoped NDMP.

Answer: C,D,E

Question: 140
You are performing a routine health check for a customer and need to determine if the disk shelf firmware is up to date. From My AutoSupport, which report would you use?

A. Transition Advisor
B. Visualization
C. Upgrade Advisor
D. Event Viewer

Answer: B

Question: 141
You must determine if there have been any backup problems overnight. Which two reports in OnCommand Unified Manager 6.2 would provide you with the required information?
(Choose two.)

A. Unresolved Incidents and Risks area
B. On Command Unified Manager Dashboard
C. On Command Cluster Events Details
D. On Command Job Events Details

Answer: BD

Question: 142
You have a SolidFire cluster running SolidFire Element Operating System 10.1 and are asked to replicate to an existing ONTAP cluster. Which ONTAP destination is supported?

A. ONTAP Select with the MirrorAllSnapshots policy
B. FAS9000 with the MirrorAndVault policy
C. ONTAP Cloud with the MirrorLatest policy
D. AFF A700 with the XDPDefault policy

Answer: A

Question: 143
You are copying your data and replicating it off site. What is the called?

A. a backup
B. a demonstration
C. a version
D. a Snapshot

Answer: C

Question: 144
You have deployed IntelliSnap to list NetApp Snapshot copies in volumes on your ONTAP system, schedule new backups on unprotected volumes, and implement archiving to your remote AltaVault system.
Which additional NetApp product does IntelliSnap require to perform all of these actions?

A. OnCommand Insight
B. OnCommand Unified Manager
C. OnCommand System Manager
D. OnCommand Performance Manager

Answer: B

Question: 145
Which attribute does Data ONTAP use the identify Snapshot copies between primary and secondary FlexVol volumes in a SnapVault relationship?

A. FlexVol name
B. Snapshot prefix
C. SnapMirror policy
D. SnapMirror label

Answer: D

Question: 146
A customer has a new cloud strategy. They want to replicate mission-critical SAN volumes to the cloud for DR. Which NetApp technology satisfies the requirement?

A. Cloud Sync service
B. Fabric Pool technology
C. Cloud Volumes Service
D. Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Answer: D

Question: 147

Referring to the exhibit, You have a MetroCluster IP solution that uses Cisco Nexus 3232C back-end switches for a maximum ISL distance of 700 km. What is the maximum round trip ISL latency that is supported in this scenario?

A. 7 ms
B. 10 ms
C. 14 ms
D. 20 ms

Answer: A

Question: 148
To ensure enough bandwidth for other applications, you want to restrict all replication bandwidth on your destination cluster.
How would you accomplish this task?

A. Using OnCommand System Manager on your source cluster, create a QoS policy on the source.
B. Using the ONTAP CLI, enable global throttling on the source cluster.
C. Using OnCommand System Manager on your destination cluster, create a QoS policy on the destination.
D. Using the ONTAP CLI, enable global throttling on the destination cluster.

Answer: B

Question: 149
A customer has a MetroCluster solution and wants to automate the disaster-recovery process. The customer wants to control the switchcover between the sites.
Which NetApp tool would satisfy these requirements?

A. OnCommand Unified Manager
B. MetroCluster Tiebreaker
C. OnCommand System Manager
D. OnCommand SnapCenter

Answer: B

Question: 150
You received an alert from OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) that a NetApp FlexVol is almost out of space. Which three actions are available to perform from the OCUM events detail Web page? (Choose three.)

A. Acknowledge the event.
B. Mark the event as “resolved”.
C. Create a job to move the FlexVol.
D. Increase the capacity of the FlexVol.
E. Add a note to the event.

Answer: ABE

Question: 151
A client has a primary data center that is located in a coastal area where the forecast is calling for a Category 5 hurricane to make landfall in three days. The client’s data is protected using NetApp SVM SnapMirror replication technology with identity-preserve that is enabled. The data is mirrored to a destination cluster outside of the affected are
a.The client has scheduled a controlled maintenance window for tomorrow to ensure that dependable operations are maintained.
Which three steps must be taken to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

A. You must break the SnapMirror relationship on each individual volume between the source and the destination clusters.
B. You must configure the destination SVM volumes for data access.
C. You must reboot each server in your infrastructure so that they can access the data from the destination volumes.
D. You must break the SnapMirror relationship between the source and the destination SVMs.
E. You must stop the source SVM before activating the destination SVM.

Answer: B,D,E

Question: 152
Click the Exhibit button.

An employee’s computer and mapped home folder has been encrypted with ransomware. You are asked to restore the data from a SnapVault repository.
Referring to the exhibit, what happens when the volume is restored?

A. All files in the volume are restored.
B. The restore is performed locally.
C. The original data is decrypted in place.
D. Only files that have changed in the volume are restored.

Answer: A

Question: 153
Click the Exhibit button.

You have a SnapProtect v11 environment as shown in the exhibit. What are the two default Snapshot copies created automatically after creating a Storage Policy.
(Choose two.)

A. Primary (Tape)
B. Primary (Classic)
C. Primary (NetApp)
D. primary (Snap)

Answer: BD

Question: 154
You have a NAS volume containing 100 GB of data and daily change rate of 10%. You want to keep seven daily Snapshot copies. What is the minimum size for the volume?

A. 170 GB
B. 100 GB
C. 110 GB
D. 220 GB

Answer: A

Question: 155
Which NetApp technology helps to protect against ransomware attacks?

A. SnapLock
B. SyncMirror
C. NetApp Volume Encryption
D. NetApp Aggregate Encryption

Answer: A

Question: 156
You decide to enable SnapMirror network compression on your NetApp clustered Data ONTAP environment. Which two statements are correct about enabling this feature?
(Choose two.)

A. The data is compressed only while it traverses the network.
B. The data transfer between the clusters must use the NDMP protocol.
C. You may only enable SnapMirror network compression on one HA pair in a cluster, and traffic 1-1 is limited to routing through those nodes.
D. The compression engine creates multiple transfer threads corresponding to the number of CPUs on the source storage system.

Answer: AD

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