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Given the following access log:

Which of the following accurately describes what this log displays?

A. A vulnerability in jQuery
B. Application integration with an externally hosted database
C. A vulnerability scan performed from the Internet
D. A vulnerability in Javascript

Answer: C

A company has been a victim of multiple volumetric DoS attacks. Packet analysis of the offending traffic shows the following:

Which of the following mitigation techniques is MOST effective against the above attack?

A. The company should contact the upstream ISP and ask that RFC1918 traffic be dropped.
B. The company should implement a network-based sinkhole to drop all traffic coming from at their gateway router.
C. The company should implement the following ACL at their gateway firewall:DENY IP HOST
D. The company should enable the DoS resource starvation protection feature of the gateway NIPS.

Answer: A

An ATM in a building lobby has been compromised. A security technician has been advised that the ATM must be forensically analyzed by multiple technicians. Which of the following items in a forensic tool kit would likely be used FIRST? (Select TWO).

A. Drive adapters
B. Chain of custody form
C. Write blockers
D. Crime tape
E. Hashing utilities
F. Drive imager

Answer: BC

A business-critical application is unable to support the requirements in the current password policy because it does not allow the use of special characters. Management does not want to accept the risk of a possible security incident due to weak password standards. Which of the following is an appropriate means to limit the risks related to the application?

A. A compensating control
B. Altering the password policy
C. Creating new account management procedures
D. Encrypting authentication traffic

Answer: D

A threat intelligence analyst who works for a financial services firm received this report:
“There has been an effective waterhole campaign residing at www.bankfinancecompsoftware.com. This domain is delivering ransomware. This ransomware variant has been called “LockMaster” by researchers due to its ability to overwrite the MBR, but this term is not a malware signature. Please execute a defensive operation regarding this attack vector.” The analyst ran a query and has assessed that this traffic has been seen on the network. Which of the following actions should the analyst do NEXT? (Select TWO).

A. Advise the firewall engineer to implement a block on the domain
B. Visit the domain and begin a threat assessment
C. Produce a threat intelligence message to be disseminated to the company
D. Advise the security architects to enable full-disk encryption to protect the MBR
E. Advise the security analysts to add an alert in the SIEM on the string “LockMaster”
F. Format the MBR as a precaution

Answer: BD

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has asked the security staff to identify a framework on which to base the security program. The CISO would like to achieve a certification showing the security program meets all required best practices. Which of the following would be the BEST choice?


Answer: D

A security analyst is concerned that employees may attempt to exfiltrate data prior to tendering their resignations. Unfortunately, the company cannot afford to purchase a data loss prevention (DLP) system. Which of the following recommendations should the security analyst make to provide defense-in-depth against data loss? (Select THREE).

A. Prevent users from accessing personal email and file-sharing sites via web proxy
B. Prevent flash drives from connecting to USB ports using Group Policy
C. Prevent users from copying data from workstation to workstation
D. Prevent users from using roaming profiles when changing workstations
E. Prevent Internet access on laptops unless connected to the network in the office or via VPN
F. Prevent users from being able to use the copy and paste functions

Answer: ABE

The security operations team is conducting a mock forensics investigation. Which of the following should be the FIRST action taken after seizing a compromised workstation?

A. Activate the escalation checklist
B. Implement the incident response plan
C. Analyze the forensic image
D. Perform evidence acquisition

Answer: D

A cybersecurity analyst has identified a new mission-essential function that utilizes a public cloud- based system. The analyst needs to classify the information processed by the system with respect to CI

A. Which of the following should provide the CIA classification for the information?
B. The cloud provider
C. The data owner
D. The cybersecurity analyst
E. The system administrator

Answer: B

A security analyst wants to scan the network for active hosts. Which of the following host characteristics help to differentiate between a virtual and physical host?

A. Reserved MACs
B. Host IPs
C. DNS routing tables
D. Gateway settings

Answer: A

An executive tasked a security analyst to aggregate past logs, traffic, and alerts on a particular attack vector. The analyst was then tasked with analyzing the data and making predictions on future complications regarding this attack vector. Which of the following types of analysis is the security analyst MOST likely conducting?

A. Trend analysis
B. Behavior analysis
C. Availability analysis
D. Business analysis

Answer: A


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