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Vendor: Symantec
Exam Code: 250-405
Exam Name: Administration of Symantec Management Platform 7.5


What defines the link between user and computer resources?

A.    Resource Association
B.    Resource Data Class
C.    Resource Type
D.    Resource Link

Answer: A

What must an administrator do to edit a sample task?

A.    Clone the sample task and edit the original task
B.    Right-click and select the task’s properties
C.    Clone the source folder of the sample
D.    Clone the sample task and edit the clone

Answer: D

A Symantec ManagementPlatform 7.5administrator attempts to discover all network resources using the ping function, and none are found. After conferring with the network administrator, it is determined that ping is blocked on all network devices for security purposes. Which other protocol can the administrator use to discover network devices using Network Discovery?

A.    CDP
B.    HIP
C.    ARP
D.    RIP

Answer: C

Which Symantec Management Platform component initiates policy-based communication?

A.    Notification Server
B.    Symantec Management Agent
C.    Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
D.    Symantec Management Console

Answer: B

Which Symantec Management Platform component processes data sent by the Altiris Agent and stores it in the Configuration Management Database?

A.    Symantec Management Console
B.    Software Management Framework
C.    Notification Server
D.    Site Services

Answer: C

Refer to the Exhibit.


An administrator is attempting to set up a replication rule. When the administrator right- clicks the replication folder, the menu in the exhibit appears. What does the administrator need to do to create a replication rule?

A.    enable Replication
B.    access one of the Replication subfolders
C.    access the resource and select Replicate Now
D.    create a subfolder and access it there

Answer: B

Which two tabs are used to modify security roles in the Symantec Management Console? (Select two.)

A.    Permissions
B.    Privileges
C.    Rights
D.    Security
E.    Membership

Answer: BE

Which statement is true about the Default Shared Schedules shipping with Notification Server?

A.    They cannot be deleted.
B.    They cannot be modified.
C.    They can override maintenance windows.
D.    They cannot be disabled.

Answer: A

If installation of the Package Service on the Site Server is forgotten, what is the impact on a new hierarchy implementation?

A.    Replication performance is degraded.
B.    Data replication stops.
C.    Hierarchy installation is denied.
D.    Hierarchy replication switches to HTTP.

Answer: C

Refer to the Exhibit.


A target has been created with two rules: 1) ‘exclude computers not in’ filter Windows XP Computers, and 2) ‘include computers in’ filter All Computers. There are 150 computers in the Windows XP Computers filter. There are 200 computers in the All Computers filter.
How many computers will be in the target?

A.    50
B.    150
C.    200
D.    350

Answer: C

Refer to the Exhibit.


After a password change on the Application Identity account, the administrator of a Symantec ManagementPlatform 7.5(SMP) server sees this error. Which action resolves the problem?

A.    run sc.exe config “AeXSvc” password= (password)
B.    run a repair of SMP through the Symantec Installation Manager
C.    change the password by changing the database setting options in the SMP console
D.    run AeXConfig.exe /svcid user:(user name) password:(password)

Answer: D

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Refer to the Exhibit.


There is one Notification Server at HQ that manages all desktops and laptops throughout the WAN. What should be configured to reduce processor load on the Notification Server and move network intensive services closer to their points of distribution?

A.    Organizational Units
B.    Replication Management
C.    Site Management
D.    Security Sites

Answer: C

Refer to the Exhibit.


An administrator has cloned a policy and set a schedule for the policy to run at 9:00 A.M. every day. When the policy does not run as expected on a client computer, the administrator reviews the policy’s XML and finds that there is an end date set for a date in the past. What should the administrator do to correct this policy?

A.    Export the policy, edit and correct the XML, and import the policy
B.    Create an automation policy that updates the end date in all solution policies
C.    Edit the end date field for the affected row in the vPolicy database view
D.    Clear the end date option in the policy’s advanced options

Answer: D

Which two methods can an administrator use to create tasks? (Select two.)

A.    clone an existing task
B.    clone a task report
C.    right-click a reports folder and select New -> Task
D.    right-click a Jobs and Tasks Portal folder and select New -> Task
E.    clone an existing patch

Answer: AD

Refer to the Exhibit.


How can an administrator modify the filter so that it shows all Windows XP workstations?

A.    By adding ‘Windows XP Computers’ to the Resources included in this filter
B.    By adding ‘Windows XP Computers’ to the Filters included in this filter
C.    By adding ‘Non Windows XP Computers’ to the Filters excluded in this filter
D.    By adding ‘Non Windows XP Computers’ to the Resources excluded in this filter

Answer: B

Two administrators run the same report that displays Windows XP SP1 workstations imported from Active Directory. The North America Symantec Administrator returns 2,500 workstations. The Marketing Manager returns 500 workstations. When they compare the results, they find that there is an overlap of 100 workstations. Why is there an overlap in the reports?

A.    Because the workstations belong to multiple organizational groups in same organizational view.
B.    Because the workstations belong to organizational groups in separate organizational views
C.    Because of workstation security privilege intersection
D.    Because of workstation security role filters

Answer: B

Which statement describes the relationship between Site Server and Notification Server?

A.    Site Server assists Notification Server by providing packages and tasks to the Altiris Agent.
B.    Site Server sends information, events, and data from the Inventory Rule Agent to Notification Server.
C.    Site Server assists Notification Server by running reports.
D.    Site Server takes over all functions for Notification Server.

Answer: A

Refer to the Exhibit.


An administrator has set up the Resource Association History within Purging maintenance. No other Purging maintenance settings are enabled. If a computer resource were retired three months ago, what will the status of this resource be in this scenario?

A.    The resource will be removed after two months.
B.    The resource will no longer be retired.
C.    The resource will still be retired.
D.    The resource will have an unknown status.

Answer: C

Refer to the Exhibit.


The All Computers filter contains the following computers: WinXP1, WinXP2, and Win2003. The Windows 2003 filter contains the Win2003 computer. What is contained within the resultant target?

A.    Nothing
B.    Win2003 only
C.    WinXP1 and WinXP2 only
D.    WinXP1, WinXP2, and Win2003

Answer: C

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