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With regard to being threat-focused, which Cisco security technology provides context?

A.    CWS
B.    ISE
C.    AMP
D.    threat defense

Answer: B

Which feature in the Cisco AMP solution provides the ability to track malware activity over time?

A.    trajectory
B.    blacklisting
C.    sandboxing
D.    malware detection

Answer: A

As defined by the attack continuum model, which feature set does a customer need to use after an attack?

A.    scope, contain, and remediate
B.    discover, enforce, and harden
C.    learn, enforce, and block
D.    detect, block, and defend

Answer: A

As defined by the before-during-after model, which set of features does a customer need to have in place before an attack occurs?

A.    discover, enforce, and harden
B.    scope, contain, and remediate
C.    detect, block, and defend
D.    learn, enforce, and block

Answer: A

In which attack-continuum category does web security belong?

A.    prologue
B.    before
C.    during
D.    after

Answer: C

According to Gartner, what does “next-generation” in next-generation IPS indicate?

A.    visibility and automation that enables the IPS to adapt itself to the changing vulnerability posture in networks
B.    additional application control and firewall features for access control
C.    use of a central, scalable management platform to coordinate hundreds of sensors
D.    nothing; the term is just a buzzword

Answer: A

Which Gartner rating has set the Cisco next-generation IPS solution apart from competing products for the past 8 years?

A.    visionary
B.    leader
C.    challenger
D.    niche player

Answer: A

Which feature does Gartner identity in its leader rating of the Cisco next-generation IPS solution?

A.    VPN
B.    dashboards
C.    passive IDS
D.    Fire SIGHT

Answer: D

What is a primary selling point of the Cisco AMP solution for a customer CxO or IT security executive?

A.    goes beyond blocking to define the scope of the problem
B.    provides the most effective TCO to address malware
C.    reduces response times by 50 percent and eliminates reinfections
D.    can be deployed as a physical appliance or as a virtual image

Answer: B


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