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New Question 61
Which of the following is true about IPv6?

A. With IPv6, the TCP port numbers of most services have changed.
B. IPv6 no longer supports broadcast addresses.
C. IPv4 addresses can be used without any change with IPv6.
D. IPv6 no longer supports multicast addresses.
E. For IPv6, UDP and TCP have been replaced by the Rapid Transmission Protocol RTP.

Answer: B

New Question 62
Which parameter must be passed to ifconfig to activate a previously inactive network interface? (Specify the parameter only without any command, path or additional options)
Answer: up

New Question 63
Which of the following tools used for DNS debugging, reports not only the response from the name server but also details about the query?

A. dnsq
B. dig
C. hostname
D. dnslookup
E. zoneinfo

Answer: B

New Question 64
Which command, depending on its options, can display the open network connections, the routing tables, as well as network interface statistics. (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)
Answer: netstat, /bin/netstat, ss, /usr/bin/ss

New Question 65
Which keyword must be listed in the hosts option of the Name Service Switch configuration file in order to make host lookups consult the /etc/hosts file?
Answer: files

New Question 66
What is the purpose of the nsswitch.conf file?

A. It is used to configure where the C library looks for system information such as host names and user passwords.
B. It is used to configure network protocol port numbers such as for HTTP or SMTP.
C. It is used to configure LDAP authentication services for the local system.
D. It is used to configure which network services will be turned on during the next system boot.

Answer: A

New Question 67
Which of the following statements is valid in the file /etc/nsswitch.conf?

A. multi on
B. dns-server
C. hosts: files dns
D. include /etc/nsswitch.d/

Answer: C

New Question 68
What is true regarding a default route?

A. The default route is always used first. When the default route is not available more specific routes are tried.
B. When a default route is set, all other routes are disabled until the default route is deleted.
C. The default route is only used if there is not a more specific route to a destination host or network.
D. Without a default route, no network communication even in directly attached networks is possible.

Answer: C

New Question 69
Which of the following commands can be used to display the local routing table? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. ifconfig
B. dig
C. netstat
D. route
E. trackroute

Answer: CD

New Question 70
Each entry in a crontab must end with what character?

A. Tab
B. Space
C. Backslash
D. Newline

Answer: D

New Question 71
Where are user specific crontabs stored?

A. In the database file /etc/crontab.db which is shared by all users.
B. As individual per-user files within /var/spool/cron.
C. As individual per-user files in /etc/cron.user.d.
D. In the .crontab file in the user’s home directory.
E. In the file /var/cron/user-crontab which is shared by all users.

Answer: B

New Question 72
Which file contains the date of the last change of a user’s password?

A. /etc/gshadow
B. /etc/passwd
C. /etc/pwdlog
D. /etc/shadow
E. /var/log/shadow

Answer: D

New Question 73
Which of the following fields can be found in the /etc/group file? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A. The list of users that belong to the group.
B. The home directory of the group.
C. The name of the group.
D. The description of the group.
E. The password of the group.

Answer: ACE

New Question 74
Which commands can be used to change a user’s account aging information? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A. usermod
B. passwd
C. chattr
D. chage
E. chsh

Answer: ABD

New Question 75
What is NOT contained in the locale setting of the operating system?

A. currency symbol
B. language
C. timezone
D. thousands separator

Answer: C

New Question 76
Which of the following commands should be added to /etc/bash_profile in order to change the language of messages for an internationalized program to Portuguese (pt)?

A. export LANGUAGE=”pt”
B. export MESSAGE=”pt”
C. export UI_MESSAGES=”pt”
D. export LC_MESSAGES=”pt”
E. export ALL_MESSAGES=”pt”

Answer: D


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