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New Question
An engineer must create a SIP trunk profile on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which menu navigation sequence accomplishes this task?

A. System > Service Parameters > SIP Trunk Security Profile
B. Device > Device Setting > SIP Trunk Security Profile
C. System > Security > SIP Trunk Security Profile
D. Device > Trunk

Answer: C

New Question
Which feature enables the hosting of a multipoint conference locally on a Cisco TelePresence endpoint without the use of an external bridge?

A. multisite
C. multipoint
E. multiway

Answer: A

New Question
A Cisco TelePresence EX90 endpoint is not registering successfully, and the endpoint IP address is not known. What is the proper method to obtain the current IP address of the device?

A. Reboot the device, and watch the screen for the IP address at system boot.
B. Use Telnet to connect to the MAC address of the device, and type “STATIC A ?”.
C. Display the IP on the Cisco TelePresence EX90 screen by using the Cisco TelePresence Remote Control.
D. Connect a computer to the NIC on the Cisco TelePresence EX90, and enable DHCP.
E. Use the Cisco TelePresence Touch Control system menu.

Answer: E

New Question
An engineer is deploying a Cisco TelePresence Touch 8 controller for a Cisco TelePresence SX20.
Which step is required as part of this process?

A. Connect the Touch 8 controller to the power adapter and connect the adapter to the network.
B. Hold the mute button down for 20 seconds while you power on the Touch 8 controller.
C. Connect the cable from the Touch 8 controller to the Cisco TelePresence SX20.
D. Reboot the Cisco TelePresence SX20.

Answer: A

New Question
An engineer wants to select a different camera layout to send to different users. Which video surveillance
software component allows camera layouts?

A. Virtual Matrix
B. Operations Manager
C. Integrated Services Router
D. Media Server

Answer: A

New Question
Which Cisco TelePresence system includes three cameras and a second row of seating for meeting participants?

A. TelePresence TX9000
B. Cisco TelePresence System 1300
C. Cisco TelePresence System 1100
D. Cisco TelePresence TX9200

Answer: D

New Question
What are two characteristics of room acoustics regarding Cisco TelePresence Systems that should be avoided? (Choose two.)

A. low ambient SPL
B. high reverberation
C. ambient noise level < 36dBA
D. ambient noise level > 36 dBA
E. NRC of .75

Answer: BD


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