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What is a feature of Cisco Hybrid Email Security?

A. Cisco Registered Envelope Service
B. Layer 4 traffic monitoring
C. application visibility and control
D. roaming user protection

Answer: C

Which two statements about Cisco AMP for Web security are true?

A. It compares unknown files to a local threat repository.
B. It can perform file analysis by sandboxing suspected malware.
C. It can block critical files from existing through the web gateway.
D. it can detect and malware before it passes through the web gateway.
E. It continues monitoring files after they pass the web gateway.

Answer: AE

Which two Cisco ASA commands show if traffic is being redirected to the Cisco Firepower module? (Choose two.)

A. show module sfr
B. show service-policy sfr
C. show service-policy
D. show module sfr detail
E. show service-policy inspect scansafe

Answer: AB

A network engineer is configuring URL Filtering on the Cisco ASA with Firewall services. Which two port requirements on the Firepower Management Center must be validated to allow communication with the cloud service? (Choose two.)

A. outbound port TCP/443
B. inbound port TCP/80
C. inbound port TCP/443
D. outbound port TCP/80
E. bidirectional port TCP/443

Answer: CE

Which description of the Cisco ASA Connector in a Cisco CWS solution is true?

A. enables the ASA to download information from CWS
B. deploys a VPN connection to the CWS cloud
C. permits the IP addresses required by CWS in the ASA access policy
D. securely redirects specified traffic to the CWS cloud for inspection

Answer: D

What is a purpose of the network analysis policy on a Cisco Firepower NGIPS?

A. it defines the rules for encrypting traffic
B. it governs how traffic is preprocessed before inspection
C. it examines packets for attacks by using intrusion rules
D. it specifies the outer-header criteria used to process traffic without using advanced inspection

Answer: B

An engineer must evaluate the security gaps with their current WSA. What additional protection does AMP offer for WSA?

A. point in time detection
B. roaming user protection
C. data loss prevention
D. restricted bandwidth

Answer: A

Which two software can be installed on a Cisco ASA-5585-X appliance, assuming the proper hardware is also installed?

A. Cisco Firepower Services
B. Cisco ASAv
C. Cisco ASA
D. CiSco Firepower Appliance
E. Cisco Firepower Management Center

Answer: AC

Which two field can be used to create a new email alert within the Cisco Firepower Management center under Policies > Actions > Alerts tab? (Choose two.)

A. Device
B. Source
C. Destination
D. From
E. Relay Host

Answer: DE

Which description of a correlation, policy configuration in the Cisco Firepower Management Center, is true?

A. Correlation policy priorities override whitelist priorities.
B. The system displays correlation policies that are created on all of the domains in a multidomain deployment.
C. You cannot add a host profile qualification to a correlation rule that is triggered by a malware event.
D. Deleting a response group deletes the responses of that group.

Answer: B

What are two analysis method of file inspection on Network-based Cisco Advanced Malware Protection? (Choose two.)

A. Spero analysis
B. network analysis
C. user analysis
D. dynamic analysis
E. intrusion analysis

Answer: AD


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