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Company A owns, and is authoritative, for the domain aco.com. Company A is in the process of consolidating systems as a result of the purchase of Company B. As part of this transition effort, network administrators have configured Company A’s DNS server zone files to include and become authoritative for Company B’s bco.com domain. The administrators want to turn off Company B’s DNS servers. Which two steps should be completed prior to this shutdown? (Choose two.)
A.    initiate zone transfer to A.root-servers.net
B.    create an aco.com to bco.com reverse zone configuration file
C.    reduce the TTL value for the aco.com domain
D.    require hosts on bco.com to update the IP address used for DNS resolution
E.    update the .com Top-Level name server entries for bco.com

Answer: DE

You have a requirement to configure two new network ranges. One of these networks requires 200 IP addresses and the other requires 600 IP addresses. Which network should you use to obtain the most efficient usage of IP address space?

A.    10.12.60/24 and 10.12.48/21
B.    192.168.2/24 and
C.    10.10.10/24 and 192.168/16
D.    10.12.53/24 and 10.12.48/22

Answer: A

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Use three options to complete the rule.


While making configuration changes on your DHCP server, you want to test the changes on a Solaris OS workstation, which is configured as a DHCP client. Rather than rebooting the client or waiting for the DHCP lease to expire, which command can you use to cause the workstation to re-query the DHCP server?

A.    dhcpagent -f
B.    ifconfig hme0 down; ifconfig hme0 up
C.    ifconfig hme0 dhcp release; ifconfig hme0 dhcp start
D.    This cannot be done. You must reboot.
E.    svcadm restart dhcpagent

Answer: C

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You configure a 6to4 router, and try to communicate from system A to system B. The interfaces of the source and destination systems are shown in the exhibit. Your ping:
systemA# ping -s fe80::203:baff:fe02:7aa5
ICMPv6 Address Unreachable from gateway 2002:8193:c9f::1
for icmp6 from 2002:8193:c9f::1 to fe80::203:baff:fe02:7aa5
What is the cause of the problem?

A.    You did not add a default route for the IPv6 traffic.
B.    You can NOT reach the system on the local link address.
C.    You do not have a route to gateway 2002:8193:c9f::1.
D.    The system you are pinging on does not have IPv6 configured.

Answer: B

You configure an NTP server to use its local undisciplined clock and also an external server at address Additionally, you create a fudge line:
fudge stratum 12
Which is the purpose of the fudge line?

A.    to ensure that the synchronization is checked at 12:00 P.M. each day
B.    to ensure that the server’s local clock is seen as a stratum 12 server
C.    to make the xntpd daemon check the clients clock every 12 minutes
D.    to ensure that only servers below stratum 12 are queried

Answer: B
A newly installed system is experiencing network performance problems. You suspect it may be related to the duplex or speed settings on the hme0 interface. Which two commands check the duplex and speed of the hme0 interface? (Choose two.)

A.    ndd -get /dev/hme duplex
B.    netstat hme link_mode
C.    netstat -I hme
D.    ndd -get /dev/hme link_mode
E.    ndd -get /dev/hme link_status
F.    ndd -get /dev/hme link_speed
G.    ndd -get /dev/hme speed

Answer: DF

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You have configured a JumpStart server. When you attempt to install a client machine, it starts booting, but stops responding shortly afterwards. Which command, when run on the JumpStart server, helps diagnose this problem?

A.    snoop 8:0:20:fd:e9:3c
B.    ndd -get /dev/eri0 errors
C.    /usr/sbin/in.rarpd -d -a
D.    snoop -d eri0
E.    snoop dhcp

Answer: A

A Solaris 10 OS server has packet filtering enabled. Which command displays information on stdout regarding packets that match rules?

A.    syslogd -d sysout
B.    ipmon
C.    ipf -l block
D.    netstat -a block

Answer: B
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