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You have a virtual machine that requires a software update. You have not yet tested the update, so you need a back out plan. If the update fails you want to recover the VM to its current state. Which of the following features will help you do this in the least amount of time?

A.    Fault Tolerance
B.    vSphere Replication
C.    Snapshots
D.    vSphere Data Protection

Answer: C

You are explaining virtual networking to your colleague. During the discussion she asks you how the VMs are able to talk to physical devices on the network. Which of the following is true statement?

A.    VMs are connected directly to the network via Uplink ports;
virtual switches are only used for ESXi communication.
B.    VMs are connected to virtual switches via VM port Groups;
virtual switches are connected to the physical network via uplink ports.
C.    VMs are connected to virtual switches via Uplink ports;
virtual switches are connected to the physical network via VM port groups.
D.    VMs are connected directly to the network via special physical cards;
virtual switches are only used for ESXi communication.

Answer: B

You have a vSphere cluster managed by vCenter. One of the VMs is running a critical application that is very sensitive to unplanned or sudden reboots. You wish to protect this VM from potential data loss. Which of the following features will help you?

A.    vSphere Replication
B.    Fault Tolerance (FT)
C.    High Availability (HA)
D.    vMotion

Answer: B

Several web server virtual machines in your environment are experiencing poor performance. Upon further investigation you learn that one very active database virtual machine is consuming most of your storage bandwidth. You would like to restrict the storage performance of the database VM to increase the performance of the web server VMs. Which of the following features will help you do this?

A.    Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
B.    Storage I/O Control
C.    vMotion
D.    Storage vMotion

Answer: B

You are the System Administrator for your organization and you have received an SNMP alert that states that one of your ESXi servers has suffered a fan failure and will automatically shut down in 2 minutes. This particular host is currently hosting a virtual machine that is running an enterprise application that cannot be down for any length of time. Which vSphere technology could help in this situation?

A.    Fault Tolerance (FT)
B.    vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS)
C.    Storage vMotion
D.    vSphere Data Protection

Answer: C

Your company is evaluating data center virtualization on a single ESXi host. You intend to add additional hosts, and perhaps even create a cluster of ESXi hosts configured for High Availability. What software is required to create this cluster of ESXi hosts?

A.    vCloud Connector
B.    Site Recovery Manager
C.    vCloud Director
D.    vCenter Server

Answer: D

Your organization would like to evaluate vSphere, but you are concerned that you won’t be able to take advantage of many of the features because you do not have a shared storage infrastructure.
Which VMware feature could help you transform your local storage into usable shared storage for
your VMs?

A.    vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA)
B.    Storage DRS
C.    Storage vMotion
D.    vSphere Replication

Answer: B
http://labs.vmware.com/vmtj/storage-drs-automated-management-of-storage-devices- in-a-virtualized-datacenter

You work in a large datacenter with hundreds of ESXi hosts managed by a vCenter server. Your IT consultant has advised you to use Distributed Power Management (DPM). What does it do?

A.    Automatically powers off ESXi hosts during non-peak hours.
B.    Regulates the power usage of the virtual machines on each ESXi host.
C.    Automatically powers off Virtual Machines during non-peak hours.
D.    Regulates the power consumption of the ESXi host’s processors.

Answer: B

Your email server lives on a storage array, but performance is not adequate. You can’t afford a new array or to replace the drives in the array, but need better performance for your email server which is searched frequently. Which feature will provide the needed performance boost?

A.    vFlash
B.    vSAN
C.    VSA
D.    Storage vMotion

Answer: A

You are planning to perform hardware maintenance on one of your ESXi hosts. It is currently running several Virtual Machines that you do not wish to power off. Which vCenter feature will allow you to perform this maintenance without disrupting the VMs?

A.    vMotion
B.    High Availability
C.    vSphere Replication
D.    vSphere Distributed Switch

Answer: A
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